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Shar Jackson

“Eric’s Truly Hollywood Little Secret”

Actress, Singer, Rapper, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

Faye Dunaway

“I leave my Life Coaching sessions with Eric completely recharged. He reminded me of a director I worked with that always got the absolute best out of me.”

Elisabeth Röhm

Actress, Author, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur

Tasha Smith

Actress, Director, Producer, Acting Teacher
“I have had many coaches in the past and Eric is the best.  His program has everything you need to succeed.”
Can’t make it to Eric’s Fitness Retreat?
Now you can access his world-renowned program at home!

What is Fit Club TV?

Fit Club TV is the brainchild of Eric Viskovicz, the Fitness and Wellness guru behind world-renowned Live In Fitness Retreat where celebrities, professional athletes, and well-regarded networks and tv shows come for his coaching, training & advise on maximizing results for the long term.  He brings this online fitness retreat program now to you, wherever you are so that you too can achieve unparalleled results in your life!

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Don’t have the time or money to go to a fitness retreat?

The Solution is Fit Club TV.  You are getting a Full 30 day program each month that literally tells you to Think This, Eat This, and Do this each day so that you can achieve Fitness Retreat Results at home, or wherever you are.

Empower Your Will
Lose Fat Faster
Learn to Eat Right
Eat healthy
Improve your health

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How Can Fit Club Tv Help You?

A Complete Program and At Home Experience.
Designed after our results oriented Live in Fitness Retreat!

Fit ClubTv

$4.99 A Week

  • Structured Plan

  • Healthy Meal Plan

  • Structured Daily Exercise

  • Coaching

  • Behavior Change Program

  • Cooking Classes

Fitness Retreat

$2,980 A Week

  • Structured Plan

  • Healthy Meal Plan

  • Structured Daily Exercise

  • Coaching

  • Behavior Change Program

  • Cooking Classes

First Ever. Online Fitness Retreat Program.

You can download the app and take it on the go.
Now you can stay on track everyday!

With our Fitclubtv App, It’s like waking up empowered with morning motivation right in your bed, having a  chef in your kitchen, a trainer in your house, a life coach at your office, and a good night sleep meditation before bed.

The app includes Fit Videos, 30 Day Programs, Life Coaching Programs, Muscle sculpting, Calorie Tracker, Badges, Community, Athletes Program, and Much Much More!

Giving Back…Each Product and membership has a give back Program.

Eric has hand Picked the Best of the best products on the market. Each Product and membership will have a give back charity attached. Fit club tv is giving 25% of profit to those affected by the stay at home order.

Now You can get Fit and give back all at Once!