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    We have a multitude of Workout Plans. All 30 Day Programs are designed specifically for At Home, In a Hotel, In the Gym, and for Maintenance.

    Complete Testing Package

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    Milestone Badges and more

    Over 20 years of Helping thousands of people lose hundred of thousands of pounds and all the amazing elements of The Number One Fitness retreat in the world are put into this Amazing Program.

    Nutrition Plans and Life Coaching Plans

    30 day Meal Plan



     Life Coaching 30 Day Program

    Morning and Evening Motivation

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    Eric Viskovicz has started one of the most Successful Weight Loss Camps in the World. Rated #1 in the Fitness Retreat in the World by Image Magazine. Now that same Camp has an at home Program for you called Fit Club Tv. We have 30 day Life Coaching courses, 30 Day Nutrition and Meal Plans, 30 Day Workout, Mobility, Core and Sculpting Programs. Plus much much more!

    A Complete Wellness Program

    We offer a multitude of fun and motivating workouts. 30 day programs as easy as:

    “Eat This… Do This… Think This.”

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