KS Management Group Mission is to buy property at a lower interest rate in areas of extreme growth, and then create short-term rental revenue that can pay back the initial investment, create a library of assets and gain a portfolio of properties.

Management and Equity Goals

  • Vacation Rental Capital – If we can gain 2-20 properties we can make over 100,000 per property per year. ($2,000,000 @20 Properties per Year)
  • Capitalize on the increase in demand In the Scottsdale/Arizona area of up to 4% each year.
  • Fix up each property to gain short term rent equity and property value.
  • To accumulate a catalog of Properties worth over 60 million in 15 years.
  • After Properties are paid off $4,000,000 in equity from vacation rental leases per year.
  • Add in additional management services ( housekeeping, chef services, trainer services, and massage, ) bringing in another $100,000 in income per residence.

Example Goodnight Stay Properties

Goodnight Stay Management Company manages a large portion of the vacation rental properties in Arizona. They up-charge each property, rent them out by the Day, Week,  6 months, or a year. They did this for live-in fitness.  They do not own them so they gain zero equity as property values Increase. The opposite of the Super successful McDonald’s theory on real estate. As people leave California, they are going to Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ area, Austin, TX, and Nashville, TN. These movements are Increasing property values at a huge rate. 15-year mortgages will allow us to run at a profit from the rent and paying back each down payment. Good Night Stay has places in Tennessee and Arizona. They also use deposits to keep upkeep on properties. Example Goodnight Stay Properties. https://goodnightstay.com/

Example Goodnight Properties

This is a place live in fitness rented for 30,000 a month ($2000) a day

Another Place rented at 30,000 a month

Income from Rental Properties

Current Air BnB Available

This is a Two Million Dollar place that rents out at over 1200 a night

This is a Two Million Dollar place that rents out at over 1200 a night

This is a Two and a Half Million Dollar place that rents out at over 1100 a day

Monthly Rentals

This is a Three Million Dollar place that rents out at over 40,000 a month

This is a Two and a Half Million Dollar place that rents out at over 40,000 a month

This is a Two and a Half Million Dollar place that rents out at over 24,000 a month

Potential Purchases


5 bd 5 ba 8,753 sq.ft

* Potential to add many more rooms and that means more beds also Live in fitness interested in long term rental.

Look at this place today and would love to make an offer.


6 bd 5 ba 7,713 sq.ft

* Can add more bedrooms and more beds.


8 bd 9 ba 10,558 sq.ft

*This place has an indoor pool, tennis court, sand volleyball court, and potential to build two more room.

Risk Factors

  • Low Risk Due to the fact that each Property Can be sold or rented at a Lower rate that covers the Mortgage.
  • Purchasing Property in distress or forclosure can ensure we are buying lower risk property.
  • Fixing up lower risk Properties will ensure a higher resale value.

Our First Arizona Property for Rent

* We creatively Acquired this place


Live in fitness is already running a management group with housing, chef services, cleaning, health services,  maintenance, and building. So the synergy is that we already manage multiple properties and can handle the management, acquisition of new Properties, building out properties to suit. In addition, we have a built-in renter with Live in Fitness. In addition, starting with a scratch team that does not have experience buying, leasing, managing properties would be a costly endeavor. We have experience furnishing mansions and making places look amazing. We just furnished the whole mansion on 73rd st. We also have two warehouses of furniture for houses and rooms, If we spent a little money 5000-10,000 could put small gyms in each place and market that to huge executives (CEO’s) as well. Eric Viskovicz gets equipment for 20% cost and has the ease to set up an amazing space. This would separate us from the competition. Our management team could add chef services, training packages, massages,  extra cleaning as well as cleaning fees added to bills straight to the home. If these services netted $100,000 per property per year would add another 2 million in revenue a year.

Lower Cost properties with a huge lot

Some of these lower price units can be upgraded with casitas for $150,000 then add rooms where offices are etc. We can rent these properties for $7000 per two weeks. Last week Live in Fitness rented a 4200 sq ft place for 7000 for a two-week stay. They added rooms. Something they are doing is adding garages as fold up bars. Fold up bars really looks nice, add another common area with outside access.

Fun Times

The Nice Part of short term leasing is that we can reserve time for Your family to stay during Hockey tournaments, vacations, or time spent in Arizona, Austin, or Tennessee.